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Friday, 13 May 2011

Days Six and Seven.

Everybody has something that they are afraid of.

I think that's pretty understandable, I mean LOTS of things are scary. In the order of "slightly uncomfortable" to "cardiac arrest", here are the things that scare me.

1. Bills
---I have had such a confusing financial upbringing that by this point I steal toilet paper and paper towels from school and coupons from my neighbors' mailboxes. I am an upcoming star on "Extreme Couponing", I can just feel it.
2. Women
---I am a master translator of the female dialect but I just prefer not to communicate with it on account that it makes rationality impossible, therefore elliminating my ability to make decisions or come to proper conclusions. Who wouldn't fear that?
3. Spiders
4. The Ocean
---Not a fan of sand where it doesn't belong and the ocean itself is like a vast blue watery death sentence to me. Someone tried drowning me when I was 5. I have a friend who survived a shark attack. I have a wild imagination.
5. Running
---I would not survive natural selection.
6. Lightning
---Oh my Jesus, lightning actually is so terrifying to me it makes me cry. Florida sucks for that.

Okay so even though running is trumped by lightning (cardiovascular exercise vs. unpredictable death flash of 500 million volts, no brainer) the thought of running makes my heart stop. When my group of tennis kids would be called to the back courts I just about peed my pants every time. Fitness. Kill me now. I dreaded it more than cleaning the pool scupper, sometimes filled with spiders and snakes and dead rats. I would rather give CPR to a cobra than run a mile, for sure.

I went for my first mile run recently. My pulse was racing, I was practically sweating before I even started just because of my nerves and my hands were shaking and spilling my water. This time wasn't like the others times when I was at my tennis class though. I wasn't going to be punished for being in last, I wasn't going to be yelled at, and I wasn't going to hear Voldemort's ugly face complain to me about being too slow and fat.

All names have been changed to protect identity.

I did it though and it felt great. I ran a mile. I finished in ten and a half minutes and stopped once to keep my chest from exploding. I felt so out of shape but afterwards I had that elated, satisfied, winded feeling that made me feel like I was on top of the world. And yesterday while Blogger was having maintenance issues I ran TWO miles. Yeah! My legs were killing me the first time and the second wasn't much easier but my pace was faster and I ran for longer without stopping to rest. I felt immediate improvement--in that moment I had never been so proud of myself for taking the initiative.

I didn't run today, I was still sore and had a lot of class and babysitting and things to do. Excuses, yes, many, but I will be doing the bike in the morning and running in the afternoon. It should be a fun day.

This journery will be a long one, I don't expect to actually see results for a little bit and that's okay. It has been so uplifting so far that I would do it for the pure joy that it brings me.


-2000 calories (day 6 & 7)
-10 cups of water (day 6), 6 cups of water (day 7)
-2 mile run, 5 push-ups (day 6), 5 push-ups, 15 minutes of bike (day 7)

358 days to go.


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