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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day Fifteen.

Soooo like I mentioned before, I expected leg aches and pains.

Before I started this, leg pains would occur every now and then, maybe twice a month. Now I have had pains three days in a row. I upped the resistance on my bike so I am thinking that is a factor. But you know what I don't do enough of? Stretching. Stretching is so important, I know this. But I take it for granted.

I propose for myself that I will 1) stretch every morning 2) stretch before and after every exercise routine I do 3) stretch before bed. I want to see if this helps. Last night my right leg kept me awake for about an hour longer than I would have hoped (but it didn't matter, I slept in! Hee hee!) and today it is my left leg but this time canceling my plans for the bike this evening. =( Awww.

So I guess there are three major focal points to this new routine of mine:

1. Aches and pains in my legs
2. Eating habits
3. Making my heart healthier

Those are my most pressing concerns, I think about those things the most during the day. Walking up stairs, taking my first steps in the morning, walking to school--I am thinking about aches and pains. When I'm hungry, when I'm full, when I'm bored--I am thinking about my eating habits (and the potential consequences of the next choices I make!). When during all of these things my heart races or palpitates or I have caffeine--I am thinking about my heart. I'm really in this for being healthy. If it makes me look better that's a bonus and I know that feeling lighter feels better but my heart is a muscle and no matter how many pounds I lose I need to make it stronger. I'm a musician, I plan to be employed until I'm 70! Ha. Maybe. But you see my point, have to maintain my health and state of well-being.

I did sit ups today and went for a long walk, right about the time my left leg had had enough.

That's all I have for today! Boyfriend is here tomorrow though, busing in from Boston. That will be nice :) Anyways!


-1700 calories
-20 minute walk, 40 situps, 10 push ups
-8 cups of water

350 days to go.


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