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Friday, 20 May 2011

Day Fourteen.

Today was a good day!

I gave myself a very lavish gift of sleeping in this morning, I woke up when I had absolutely no more sleep left in me. Jasper was sprawled out next to me, basking in the afternoon sun, stretching his legs after a big brushing that went down the night before. =P

I got up and stretched my legs myself, my back felt a lot better, my knees were good, everything felt decent. The rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning my apartment and organizing things from my computer. I bought my tickets to Boston today, I sorted some things out with UPS, I signed up with Hydro-Quebec, and I started my paper---all good things that needed to be done. In between all of that I played games, watched shows, made meals, kept hydrated, and exercised.

That sounds like a pretty good day, no? I didn't practice, but tomorrow will be a big bassoon/reed and laundry day for me. Currently my pile of laundry is half the height of my closet. I am serious. The clothes hanging down are touching the dirty clothes. Time for an intervention? Haha. I think I might just bite the bullet and get washing and drying machines, I have the equipment for them but I was waiting so I wouldn't put my parents in an inconvenient financial situation with having to pay for so many other things at once. It would be so nice though to have my whole apartment smell like clean laundry! Heaven!

So back to fitness. I biked today for 15 minutes, but at 3 times the resistance this ride. That means I'm getting stronger! My right leg is currently doing that weird thing though where it hurts a lot inexplicably but as I brainstormed before, I think it happens when I'm building muscle. Anyways, the bike felt great. I did another 80 sit ups today, 40 in the morning and 40 at night and I skipped push ups because I did some of those yesterday.

One thing I am noticing is that my skin is more oily these days. I am definitely keeping hydrated, at least WAY more than I used to, sometimes I would go a week with only having about 16 oz of water a day, and not all at once, and not always just water (soda and juice and what not). Now I'm having at least 6 cups a day but now my skin is oily from sweating more than I'm used to. Any sweat at all would be more than I'm used to. So yeah I use my Neutrogena Morning Burst Scrub in the shower every day now, I love it. I never really had skin problems as a kid. I have naturally smooth, dry, skin. My feet and hands are leathery though. Apparently they have been that way since I was born. Mom thought it was pretty weird when I came into the world with hands and feet like a gorilla's.

Well now that I've curbed all of your appetites, it's time I wrap up this post. Nothing but good news, so I'm going to go to bed (watch one more show).


-1400 calories
-15 minutes of the bike, 250 cal burned (I take what the machine says and divide it in half), 80 sit ups, lots of scrubbing (I'm sure that counts, I was working up a sweat doing that too!)
-7 cups of water

351 days to go.


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