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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day Twenty One.

For the past week I have gone through a mild version of hell.

I had hearing loss, sore throat, allergies, congestion, bloody nose, nausea, and even a trip to the ER for severe pink eye that led to my eyes bleeding. Yes, I have had quite the effing week.

I haven't played bassoon in 5 days, I haven't been able to even walk up stairs without feeling like I wanted to die, and my appetite has been all over the place from not eating at all in a day to not seeming to be able to satisfy.

I did push ups, sit ups, and stretching routinely though and my records for those are still improving so at least I am not stuck getting nowhere. I do feel more sluggish without running and biking and stair climbing so starting tomorrow I will do an all week running routine to make up for lost time. I knew it had to be this way when I had leg pains today for no reason. Time to start over.

Will keep this blog updated, going to try to get some sleep now.