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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day Seventeen and Eighteen and Nineteen.

I am not ashamed of double posts anymore.

Why? Because at this point I don't need a blog to keep going. :) That's a good thing! But it's fun to log my progress. My posts are slowly becoming less imaginative, my writing voice sounds more busy than creative, but seriously that's fine. I am not pushing myself to the 110%, I could be doing something to better myself at every moment. Yesterday I thought to myself, I could really practice like 5 hours a day, practice piano and sight singing in between, study french and read books at night, exercise in the morning, etc. I would be a machine. An awesome machine. I'm actually considering doing a week of 110%. Doing something at every moment, no sedentary bull shit, no computer, just progress, practice, and persistence. I am becoming more inspired as I write this. I might do it. In fact the week before Boston would be a perfect time to do it, I have fresh reeds made, school is almost over, and my job watching the old woman is suspended until July for my vacation, the only "work" I will have is babysitting, which I love doing.

Hmmm. Okay, so maybe from June 4th to June 11th will be my 110% week. I will have to work out how talking to boyfriend works in to that, I don't want to cut him off, I miss him enough as it is. I might designate one hour per day and then I'll have the 12th to talk my face off with him before I see him. :)

ANYWAYS. Reality. Day seventeen? Ran 5 miles. Like a boss. In the rain. In running shorts I haven't fit into for a long time. Knees haven't hurt at all since. Over all, that's a huge win.

Day eighteen? 40 sit-ups in 50 seconds. New "15" record for girly push ups. Climbed 20 flights of stairs. I didn't realize how much of a work out I was missing by taking the escalators. I have a potential awesome work out for my legs with every trip I make, the metro takes me down 3 flights, so back up another 3, school is 3 flights up, 3 flights down if I only make the trip once. The library is 2 flights up and down or I guess one super long flight is better to classify it. Maybe 1.5 then. The point is, that's an effing lot. So from now on I will walk up all stairs, but I will walk up the escalators in the metro because those flights are seriously too much. There are probably 100 steps in one, I've counted 30 flight walking up the escalator on the smaller set of stairs at my metro station. Ha.

Today? (Day nineteen) 3 REAL push-ups! -tears of joy- 60 sit ups in 58 seconds!!! -tears of agony and joy- and I did 10 girly push ups before doing the 3 real ones. I am getting stronger and it feels awesome. So today's agenda is more practicing, I think I'm going to try out my new reeds, I'm going to do the bike, do my theory homework, and practice piano at school. Oh and clean. Ew. That'll be cardio for sure.


-185 pounds----I weighed myself and I think I must have been heavier than I thought. I already fit into smaller clothes so either I underestimated the growth of my boobs (up 2 cup sizes in college) or I am gaining muscle weight fast. It could be either or both actually. I'm content on how I feel, so as long as I keep getting stronger and losing the extra fat I carry in my legs I'll be happy. My thighs have always been kinda thick, chafing sucks the big one, and they seem to be the most out of proportion part of my body. It's as if everything else is average weight except my legs. Boooo.
-1500 calories day 17, 1400 calories day 18, dunno how many today but so far 500 (3 eggs, a sprinkle of cheese, a banana, coffee with cream and sugar)
-All my work out activities are noted above

346 days to go.


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