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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Days Twelve and Thirteen.

I did nothing yesterday.

So that's what lack of sleep gets me--no exercise. I didn't practice either. It sucked. I went to bed the night before at around 2am, got up at 7am to clean the house for garbage day, profile cane I was too exhausted to deal with the night before, get cat food and litter, shower, do my homework, and get ready for school. By the time I got to theory class, I just made it on time but without getting any coffee and it didn't help that the lecture was particularly dense that day. It's a two hour lecture and we usually get a break but yesterday yielded too much material to find a good place to stop. I was aching.

Oh don't you just HATE the feeling of being sleepy? To me it's the most agonizing, uncomfortable feeling ever aside extreme physical pain. Maybe it feels worse to me because I was severely anemic for three years unknowingly and was falling asleep all the time, including at the wheel. Yikes!!!

Anyways, I had to drag myself to my piano class after the two hour theory lecture and I played a bunch of pieces for a test I was really prepared for. They all went fine but by the time I got home? I passed out. For 4 hours I slept only to wake up, eat food, shoot boyfriend a sloppy text, and fall back asleep until morning. I guess that's reality sometimes, my mom always said, "Prior Planning Prevents (Piss-) Poor Performance". I did not plan well. I mean I got a lot of stuff done, but I didn't practice, make reeds, or exercise. I did sit ups though, but that's not enough.

Today I am stuck for a different reason. I tried doing situps on my hardwood the other day and I guess that was a bad idea because when I went to sit down to the bike today, my back shot up with pain. I thought it was the seat but even a comfy pillow didn't help. I even tried my tempurpedic pillow. No luck. Just pain.

So tonight I will do my remaining sets of sit ups on my bed and I'll do some flexibility stuff but cardio is out of the question. :( It sucks not being able to run or bike, I didn't even realize my back would be hurting. I learned my lesson I suppose.

I still notice a slight difference in my appearance, it's comforting but I don't want to lose the sense of accomplishment. I don't want to lose momentum. I think I'll go to bed early and wake up early for a rainy run before I have to sit at home waiting for a package to arrive. My loving parents sent me a birthday present but it had a hard time getting here so I really can't miss it this time. I have my bassoon here though so I can practice and finish cleaning my apartment, and best of all......start my paper. Ew! Blech! I have no interest in starting a paper! On theoretical analysis no less, it'll be hard to get started. I'll push through the boredom, try to make it fun. And hopefully I can do the bike tomorrow while I'm at home too, I guess I can do a lot of stuff while I'm at home. The only thing I can't do is practice piano which I so desperately want to do.

I have decided I am going to push myself to play the piano better. I'm starting with Chopin's simplest preludes and I'll see where it goes from there. Playing piano is so stress relieving and comforting and it's a great skill to have, it might even help my musicianship skills in other areas. Maybe it will help me identify certain chords and cadences better or maybe it will help me listen for proper voice leading and resolutions for my musicianship classes in the fall and winter.

I also practiced bassoon today. It was MARVELOUS. I just played scales and more scales and I'll tell you what...this work I've been doing on technique has improved my fluency by what seems like 1,000%. It's as if my fingers were blind before and now they can see. In those really awful, fast runs I can calm down and anchor myself to my instrument and let my fingers take control. I feel more in control, yes.

If only I could control my hunger at night! I think I'm going to have to stock up on soup to fill in the cracks for these late night hunger strikes, I could eat a thanksgiving meal right now I'm so hungry. The sad part is, that's AFTER I broke my code and ate at 10pm. Then I had a huge glass of hot cocoa (but with water because I was out of milk) and I think I'll be able to sleep on this.

ACK. Enough computer.


-1500 calories
-6 cups of water
-50 sit ups
-10 push ups (getting better at these!)

352 days to go.


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