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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Days Eight and Nine.

Hopefully these double posts will end, I need to update this thing BEFORE I'm dead tired at midnight. I also should probably go to bed earlier than midnight.

SO! Aches and pains. They have finally caught up with me.

I took a day off because the 10 miles I biked recently made my knees die. Every now and then I have this tingling feeling in my legs that starts off as what feels like growing pains, but I'm fully grown (or at least I should hope so being 6'2") so that doesn't really make sense. Over the years I have learned that although it is unclear why I get these weird pains, there are ways to ease them a bit. If they start creeping up on me during the day I make sure to sit as much as possible afterwards while paying attention to not cross my legs or arch my back. If I have to walk somewhere and I have no choice, it will get significantly worse and in the worst cases I am home, sprawled out on my bed and chewing ice to take the focus off of excruciating discomfort.

In general, this sucks.

This weird adult growing pain phenomenon happens after I've done strenuous activity and I think it has to do with muscle building. For example, I had to climb hills every day at a camp last summer and at one point I couldn't go down the hill to get food and someone had to carry me into a teacher's truck to drive me to my cabin. Ow.

I knew these aches and pains would catch up to me sometime soon, I've been running and biking a fair amount. But the difference is if I keep this up, the pains will go away and when I have those moments where I have to climb a hill or stairs or run to catch a bus or walk home because the metro is closed, I will not be paying for it later.

I'm biking again tonight and doing a situps and push ups routine, this is my bare minimum for each day. I alternate sit ups and push ups though, I could hurt myself if I tried doing more. Also, when myabs are sore it feels like I have the stomach flu so it's good to know when to stop. =P

Some things I know I have to work on:

-Not eating after 9pm
-My water drinking is decreasing
-Being less dramatic
-Making less excuses
-Not getting upset when my belt isn't any looser

Alright before I go do my routine, here are the stats:

-weigh in on June 2nd! woo!
-2000 calories
-6 cups of water
-15 minutes bike, 3 sets of 15 sit ups, 2 sets of 5 push ups

356 days to go!


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