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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day Ten.


There's nothing like results after lots of hard work. Usually I see results in whether or not I can play scales on my instrument accurately or if my breathing is relaxed and maintained through a difficult phrase but today I woke up to a different kind of result.

.....I have abs!!!

I have four distinctly formed abs now thanks to my sit ups routine. :) It's not like I didn't have them before though. Bassoon is actually quite demanding for support that comes from your diaphragm and your abs. The difference today is that I notice way more definition. Now I love the way they accent my waist in a pair of skinny jeans. I love how soft my skin feels but how firm the muscles are, I could spend hours just tracing the outlines (but I'd rather do more sit ups! haha)

My knees are on the mend as well.

Yes, finally I am walking up stairs with a (slightly sheepish) grin on my face. I'm still always expecting a little pain but so far still none!. I love the feeling of being in shape. My legs feel good now. I stretch them every morning before I go to school, feeling my sleepy muscles sigh at the bends in my knees. It feels like stepping outside and taking your first deep breath of morning air, so refreshing and light. This is the feeling I was going after. I wasn't doing this to get super skinny or pretty or to show off my work out clothes, feeling healthy is what I was after.

Speaking of skinny though, I do admit I have lost a little bit of weight. I don't know much persay but my stomach is not only a little more toned, it's flatter too. My face also seems to have lost a little bit of pudge. I always gain weight evenly but my face gains the same amount which is very frustrating. I can gain 20 pounds and I will still look about the same, maybe a little bit more curve at my hips or something but my face will look like it belongs to an obese person. Booo. Anyways, I lose weight differently. I lose weight from my stomach first, probably something to do with water weight and bloating, then my face (thank goodness), then everywhere else evenly and my arms are last. When I used to be REALLY insecure I would compare my arms to french baguettes. <---important to my thesis

Back to reality, I feel great. I biked another 10 miles last night and felt fine this morning. I also went to bed at around 8pm last night and woke up at 8am....awesome.

Today is more running, bike, sit ups, and push ups. I think I might have to lift some weights to continue doing push ups, my arms are horrendously weak.


-1500 calories
-8 cups of water
-10 miles on the bike, 20 minute walk, sit ups routine

355 days to go.


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