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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day Two.


Everybody has them, especially me. Especially today.

I knew I would be an excuses kind of person when in pre-school gymnastics I would pretend to be dead on the mat so I wouldn't have to endure another cartwheel. I employed this tactic in just about every aspect of my life as a young gymnast, the balance beam and high bar were not exceptions. So after I was kicked out of that gymnastics academy for being too good at somersaults, (my mother explained this to me as being the reason) we tried ballet. Well that just wouldn't do, the floor was too cold. If that isn't foreshadowing I don't know what is.

Excuses are great for getting off track of a new diet, a new exercise plan, or both in my case. Here are all the excuses I made today, in order of increasing desperation.

-"I got no sleep last night, it's probably better that I didn't go for that bike ride this morning."
-"I broke up with my boyfriend today, I don't feel like doing anything."
-"I guess I can't do situps today, my kidney infection hasn't healed yet."
-"What is this? A migraine? My plans for late afternoon bike riding are vanquished!"
-"Come on, the bag of chips was already open."

Okay so some of these excuses are slightly understandable. I really only got like 3 hours of sleep, sleep is important to your health too. I really made the right decision to not overwork the back/abs during my recovery from a kidney problem. Breaks ups are hard. Migraines are painful. Chips are delicious.

See? I can justify just about anything, regardless of how ridiculous it is but today it came down to how much I wanted to pity myself vs. how much I wanted to feel better. Thankfully ration won out on this one...and actually that moment went a little something like this:

"Alright turn up Jay-Z in my headphones, I'm going to walk my ass home."

I was just leaving the apartment of the old woman whose dog I walk every weekend when I realized that 1) my migraine would be unbearable if I tried practicing 2) I knew I would wallow and fall asleep when I got home, and 3) I had a full bottle of water, a fully charged iPod, and an hour long walk home if I so desired so if I wanted to feel like I would get anything accomplished today, this was my chance.

Now, I'm all for efficiency so I made my way home, all the while walking up a storm for my daily exercise. In addition to that I discovered that my iPod has a very expansive library of satisfying break up tunes and movie soundtracks. I also found five dollars. Let's see now, that's uh, win, win, win, and win. (True story.)

Alright now let me say something about Breakups VS. Health Plan. The worse the breakup, the worse the cravings are. Thankfully I woke up this morning and gobbled up some strawberries to tide over the initial ravenous morning hunger. This might seem insane that I'm even relating these two things or that I was even thinking about my new health plan in relevance to my personal life but I find that they are justly related. For women, or for me at least, eating is sometimes as equally influenced by emotions as relationships are, whether comforting or devastating. To combat this I made myself a HUGE salad and ate a whole second carton of strawberries with Jell-O sugar-free chocolate mousse. Things could have been worse, but I was sad enough to want to just sit around and eat peanut butter with a spoon while watching How I Met Your Mother and cuddling my kitten, Jasper.


He's really not much of a kitten....but you can see why he is good for cuddling.

So back to my point: making the right choices, especially concerning a new diet or exercise plan is difficult when your personal life gets thrown in the mix. The best thing to do about it? Take a couple deep breaths, put on your exercise clothes (it helps if they are cute) and just go run/jump/skip/whathaveyou. You will feel better. I feel better. I still have a migraine but I feel good about today, or at least as much as appropriate.

Now without further ado, here are today's stats:

-6'3" (why yes, I grew an inch over night obviously)
-185 lbs
-2000 calories
-8 cups of water
-1 hr walk @ 3.8 mph (I'm a treadmill pro so I know how fast I was walking, haters)

363 days to go.


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